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smash advertisements are the only thing playing on all the tvs at sears


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Is it possible that they will replace the crappy webcast animation with this beautiful new stuff? Or will it only ever be exclusively for the blu ray? If they were just pressed for time and money at the time of online streaming, there's no reason that they can't go back and replace it once the new animation is actually done right?



It’s exceedingly unlikely they will replace the webcast animation with the bluray version. I watch a LOT of simulcast anime, and I’ve never seen any anime studio replace the online version with the new bluray release.

As I’ve stated numerous times previously, fixing errors in animation for the bluray release is done for almost every modern day anime no matter the studio producing it. It’s just the way it is in the anime industry. Part of the reason is because anime studios have deadlines. Because of deadlines, animation flaws are pretty common. (Though I will admit, episodes 2-3 of SMC have some pretty terrible flaws.) Anyway, they have a lot more time to fix these mistakes after it airs for the bluray release - which also becomes an incentive for people to purchase the bluray. It wouldn’t make an sense to air the bluray version online, because then people would be less likely to buy it. This is just very simple marketing strategies which all anime studios follow. 

I also just wanted to take a second to say, TOEI ANIMATION IS NOT RIPPING EVERYONE OFF. I’ve been seeing so much inaccurate information being spewed on tumblr, and I’ve been quiet about it since SMC started airing. It’s very frustrating as someone who has continued to watch anime after Sailor Moon aired in the 90s. I realize most Sailor Moon fans (at least in the US) no longer watch anime, so you don’t understand the production of anime. I also feel like a lot of you have forgotten this is a net animation. (It’s not airing on television in Japan.) There have only been a hand full of (anime) net animations in the past. I saw someone post an example on here a little while ago of one that looked really nice. I’m not saying that all net animations look of lesser quality, but again this is a net animation.

Then a hear a lot of, “Oh, but the sales of the 20th Anniversary SM Merch!” Is there any proof that sales from the 20th Ann merch are actually being put toward SMC? Have we seen signed documents that say a percentage of 20th Ann merch must got toward SMC? I haven’t seen anything that confirms that statement. Maybe the new SMC merch will have a percentage of sales put toward SMC (that makes a hell of a lot more sense to me). What I’m saying is, I just hear so much speculation without any factual information behind it, and it’s just very, very frustrating. 

Another thing I constantly hear is this word “budget”. It sounds to me like a lot of you have no idea the history behind Toei Animation. This is a studio which has existed since 1948. They also have some of the most popular anime under their belt, including the currently airing One Piece which has surpassed over 600 episodes since it began airing in 1999. For those of you that don’t know this, One Piece is the most popular anime in Japan. Yes, things like Attack on Titan have definitely started popping up, but One Piece has held its own for years. What I’m getting at is Toei Animation is not a poor studio. 

Everyone needs to realize Sailor Moon Crystal is not the only anime Toei Animation is working on (and it’s a net animation!!). All of their other shows are airing on television.

TELEVISION SHOWS (and SMC) presently airing /being worked on are:

  1. Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers
  2. Majin Bone
  3. Wild Sumo Wrestler!! Matsutaro
  4. World Trigger
  5. Dragon Ball Heroes
  6. Dragon Ball Kai
  7. Sailor Moon Crystal
  8. Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo Returns
  9. One Piece
  10. Happiness Charge! Pretty Cure


  1. Buddha 2
  2. Expelled from Paradise
  3. Saint Seiya

This is all information which took me two seconds to look up on Toei Animation’s wikipedia pageAs you can see, Toei has a hell of a lot stuff going on right now. Yes, they’re a huge studio, but they’re also working on tons of shows and films!! And we know that films are far more costly, and thus, they want to have their best people on board for those. I just want everyone to take a second and realize that Sailor Moon Crystal is a net animation. They have 9 other shows airing on television, and 3 films in the works. Obviously, SMC is not going to have the best-of-the-best. This is why they’ve been forced to outsource (and they’re even outsourcing on their regular television shows. Yes, even Pretty Cure). Even most of the staff for the first episode (which looked really nice) was outsourced!

Anyway, I just wanted to apologize to Adrienie who sent me this ask. This is not me yelling at you (at all!), this just ended up me posting a long, informative rant I think everyone in the Sailor Moon fan world needs to read. 

I am not saying Sailor Moon Crystal looks good (with the exception of episodes 1 and 5 which I believe look particularly nice). I’m explaining why it looks the way it does, and why they’re fixing it for the bluray release. 

EDIT: I thought everyone knew this by now, so I didn’t add it originally, but it was brought up in a comment thing so I’ll address it for the millionth time. SMC was announced a couple summers ago; however, they didn’t actually begin working on it till much later. A recent interview with the staff confirmed they didn’t even have a character designer until last summer. And they didn’t have a director until around the time the Summer 2014 announcement came out earlier this year (confirmed by Yuji Kobayashi (SMC series composition writer) on his blog). Toei Animation has not been animating SMC for the past 2 years. Please, please, please stop thinking that. Like most anime, the staff is working on a number of episodes at the same time. (So it’s not like they’re starting from scratch to complete the second episode in a two/three week timeframe. That’s not physically possible. haha)

Sailor Moon Crystal is a new interpretation of the Sailor Moon Story. We had the manga, we had the 90s anime, we had PGSM, and we had Sailor Myu. Now we have Sailor Moon Crystal. All of those other Sailor Moon retellings are not going anywhere. You can always go watch the 90s anime again which is airing subbed on Hulu and Neon Alley. We also have the 90s anime coming out with an all new dub (and subbed), uncut, and restored coming out on BluRay in DVD starting in November. Yes, that includes Sailor Stars which never aired in the US, all three films, and the specials.) We are getting all of that legally. We will be able to physically hold the 90s Sailor Moon in our hands thanks to Viz Media. You can pick up Kodansha’s release of the entire Sailor Moon manga - all 12 volumes plus the 2 Codename Sailor V volumes - pretty much anywhere online and at your local bookstore or library. New Sailor Myu musicals are back on stage in Japan. New Sailor Moon merch is being released literally every week. Sometimes several days a week. Sailor Moon is back, and whether or not you’re a fan of Sailor Moon Crystal, this is certainly a time to be excited for Sailor Moon. I know I am. 

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a lot of people fear things they’ve never seen before


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imagine the SOUND of someone walking down the street wearing those

clikFWP clikFWP clikFWP

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Erza’s uncanny ability to produce cats from her chest.

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Some pictures from the rally today at Columbia. So much wonderful support for my sister and I! Emma and I are truly grateful to everyone who came, and everyone who was there in spirit.

This honestly makes me so emotional.

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when you see a pretty anime boy from a show you don’t watch on your dash like

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